Warwick: Tory student group apologises over video 'showing members singing and dancing to Nazi song'

A Tory student group has apologised after a video reportedly showed its members singing and dancing to a Nazi marching song.

The clip, taken at a chairman's dinner at the University of Warwick Conservatives Association two weeks ago, shows people singing Erika - a song that was used by the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

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The Sunday Times, which obtained the footage, said it shows several members of the association dancing and laughing as the song plays on the sound system.

The footage ends after one member sees the camera and says: "Don't film!", according to the newspaper.

In a statement, the University of Warwick Conservatives Association said it "wholeheartedly condemns the behaviour exhibited during this video and apologises for any offence that has been caused".

It said most of those in the video "were completely unaware of the origins and connotations of the song", but the member who asked for the song to be played would no longer be welcome at its events.

The association said a person heard "actively singing lyrics" was not a member but "has been barred from future events along with others".

However, it rejected allegations of being a "toxic society" that "normalises racism".

The association said its members have "consistently campaigned against antisemitism on campus, including campaigning to disaffiliate Warwick Student's Union from the National Union of Students over its failure to deal with antisemitism".

"Our members have also worked hard to ensure the Students Union commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day in a fitting way," it added.

"We are proud of these efforts and will continue to stand against discrimination."

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The Union of Jewish Students called the video "utterly abhorrent" and a "blatant and unchallenged support for Nazism", as it called on the Tory Party to take action.

A spokesperson for the Conservative Party said the student group was not affiliated to it.

"There is no place for racism in the Conservative Party and we will always ensure appropriate action is taken against any member who acts in ways that are not in accordance with our values of tolerance and respect," the spokesperson added.

A spokesperson for Warwick University said: "We have been made aware of this video and the allegations surrounding it, which are extremely troubling.

"Behaviour like this is reprehensible and we are disappointed to see our students involved.

"The university is reviewing the material disclosed to us via our reporting service and has notified the Student's Union.

"We have requested a meeting with the Jewish Society to assist with our review."