Warner Bros. Discovery Partners With VideoAmp to Measure Cross-Platform Audiences

Warner Bros. Discovery announced a new audience measurement agreement with VideoAmp to kick off the new year on Tuesday. The company will use VideoAmp’s metrics to represent its audiences on all platforms through a unified currency.

“Traditional media measurement has not kept pace with how consumers are engaging with streaming and linear content. As a result, these audiences have been undercounted and current measures no longer accurately reflect their true advertising value,” Andrea Zapata, EVP, Head of Ad Sales Research, Measurement and Insights at Warner Bros. Discovery said in a statement.

Zapata added, “We are gaining momentum as we act on our goals to offer best in class measurement capabilities and provide greater visibility into the return on ad spend across our award-winning IP.”

According to a recent assessment of measurement and currency solutions by Warner Bros. Discovery, there was a specific need for greater standardization, identity resolution, personification and transaction capability of audiences on each platform as industry priorities, in order to move towards scaled adoption of multiple currencies by the 2023 Upfront.

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As a result, Warner Bros. Discover will use VideoAmp’s cross-platform, advanced audience and outcome measurement with planning capabilities powered by the commingling of set-top box and smart TV data, which proved late last year to have a sizable impact on Warner Bros. Discovery’s reach for advertisers.

“The industry needs a better way to measure and transact on audiences–one that accounts for cross-platform, supports both traditional and advanced audiences and provides attribution metrics in a manner that enables media sellers and buyers to unlock this potential and excel in a competitive environment,” Ross McCray, CEO and Founder of VideoAmp said in a statement.

“We are excited Warner Bros. Discovery is creating a more sophisticated marketplace and we’re looking forward to unlocking value for them and the industry as a whole.”

The deal includes VideoAmp providing a full measurement suite to Warner Bros. Discovery across the company’s networks and streaming properties, and marks a shift for Warner Bros. Discovery from traditional forms of measurement to more accurately present the true value of their ad inventory.