Warm autumns in Spain, France raise climate concerns

STORY: It’s so unseasonably warm in western Europe

Location: Nice, France

that people are still sunbathing in France

and swimming in Spain

Location: Malaga, Spain

Spain's weather agency is predicting it could

be the hottest October since records began

It said max temperatures in October

were 41-50F (5-10C) higher than usual

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

(Carlos Cruz, Waiter)

“It is not normal weather, especially for these dates, but we are grateful for the weather, for our work, it is very good for the terrace, we appreciate it. On other dates, there is a lot of rain, wind, cold, and at the moment the weather is as nice as if it were summer."

But the unprecedented warming is also raising

concerns about the effects of climate change

(Erick Ruiz, Tourist)

"Maybe in the future, in November, it's also going to be hot or not. I don't know. But I'm a little bit worried about how it is going to be and more for the future generations, our kids."