Warisan outlines condition of its support for federal govt

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KOTA KINABALU, Nov 15 — A Warisan leader has said that for Pakatan Harapan (PH) to get its support to form the federal government, PH must fulfil certain demands it has for the state.

Vice president Datuk Junz Wong said that these include, first and foremost, agreeing to 20 per cent oil royalty, up from the current five per cent.

It also wants control over its foreign labour policy and continental shelf, which is the resources from its waters and whatever lies underneath.

“Sabahans are continuously short-changed even though these are actually Sabah’s rights.

“We want Sabahans to know what Warisan’s demands are, because Kuala Lumpur (KL) is deliberately attempting to sidetrack such demands in order to make Sabahans forget that we are actually very rich and resourceful,” said the Tanjung Aru assemblyman.

Wong, whose party Warisan has been at odds with PH and whose leaders has been blaming each other for past failures to obtain the oil and gas rights to the state, said that there was always a chance to cooperate with coalitions at the federal level.

He said that if PH agrees to the 20 per cent oil royalty, Sabah will gain at least an additional RM5 billion per annum.

As for the return of Sabah’s continental shelf, Wong said that Sabah used to have control over resources lying within 200 nautical miles (370km) of its coastline, but this was drastically reduced to merely three nautical miles (5.5km) after the federal government decided to take almost total control over Sabah.

“Sabah used to control everything in the sea — fishing, petroleum, everything that is 200 nautical miles from land. But today, Sabah’s control is reduced from 200 nautical miles to merely 3 nautical miles.”

“Everything beyond three nautical miles is controlled by KL, including the operations of most oil rigs belonging to Petronas and so forth, which are now controlled by the federal government.”

“This results in KL prioritising KL people, KL expertise and KL companies in the oil and gas industry and fisheries industry,” he said.

As analysts’ consensus nationwide suggest that no single coalition can win enough of a majority to form government, Warisan, who is contesting some 53 seats nationwide, has not named its preference for prime minister candidate.