Wanted: designer to make Teslas more Chinese

Tesla is hiring.

But you’ll need a very specific skillset to apply.

Three sources have told Reuters that the electric vehicle pioneer wants to appoint a new design chief in China.

That’s to create vehicles better tailored to Chinese tastes.

The new hire will work at a studio to be created in Shanghai or Beijing.

To apply you’ll need to be ‘bi-cultural’, and have 20 or more years of relevant experience.

The sources say Tesla global design chief Franz van Holzhausen has already interviewed some candidates.

There was no comment on the story from him or the company.

China is the world’s biggest car market, and also the world’s biggest market for EVs.

For Tesla it’s the number two market after the U.S.

Last year company founder Elon Musk said it would be ‘super cool’ to create a car in China.

But plans for the new design studio are not yet finalised.

The sources say Tesla is likely to wait for more clarity on the direction of U.S.-China relations before making a move.

Two said any China-specific model could be a lower cost vehicle.

Musk has previously said Tesla might have a model priced at around $25,000 on the market within a few years.