'All We Want Is to Try': Bucks County Small Business Owners Rally for Reopening

Small business owners, Bucks County community members, and Trump supporters took to the streets of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, May 13, to ask that Gov Tom Wolf loosen coronavirus restrictions.

Protesters held signs that read, “Bucks County just wants to work” and “Freedom is essential.” All non-life-sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania have been closed since March 19.

Gov Wolf’s reopening plan divided Pennsylvania into red and yellow counties, with red meaning COVID-19 stay-at-home orders were to continue. In Bucks and Susquehanna counties, coded red, residents have gathered in protest.

This video shows one “Reopen Bucks” participant speaking to a local reporter at the Doylestown rally on Wednesday. “We live here, we raise our children here,” she said. “There’s no reason why small businesses can’t work with the governor to open up safely. All we want is to try.”

As of May 13, Pennsylvania had reported 58,698 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 4,094 deaths. The governor warned of increased consequences for counties not complying with lockdown orders. Credit: Kathy Foresman via Storyful