‘We want them to be cold & hungry’ — Ukraine’s plans to make winter intolerable for Russian invaders

The Armed Forces of Ukraine
The Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Armed Forces will try to "disrupt" Russian logistics routes during the winter to make it impossible to supply weapons, food, and other necessities, Volodymyr Fityo, Ukraine’s Ground Forces Command spokesperson, said on national television on Nov. 19.

"Our main task is to ensure that everything that happens now helps the Ukrainian army and, conversely, harms the Russian invaders. We want them to be hungry, cold, and have no desire to fight," he said, adding that the enemy should expect "surprises from the sky."

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Adverse weather conditions in Ukraine, particularly heavy rains, could pose challenges to military operations, affecting vehicle mobility, aviation, and the use of drones, Fityo said on Nov. 12.

The Russians are regrouping and preparing for a new offensive near Kupyansk, he said in a later statement on Nov. 17.

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