If you want to show off your Starfield fashion, you need to use this very important button


Starfield players are discovering this incredibly important button that allows you to show off the fashion underneath your spacesuit automatically.

As highlighted by this Reddit user, as well as Windows Central's Jez Cordon on Twitter, you don't need to go through the game's menu every single time you want to take off your Starfield character's spacesuit in breathable areas. As the two posts explain, if you want your suit and helmet to disappear when you don't need it, you just need to toggle a couple of options in the RPG's menu.

To do this yourself, head into the Starfield inventory screen and select the spacesuit tab on the left. If you look at the bottom of the screen, you'll spot the 'hide spacesuit in settlements' option that will automatically remove the spacesuit when you enter a breathable area or settlement in the game. You can also do the exact same thing in the helmet tab of the inventory menu.

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Although this looks incredibly obvious now, clearly a lot of Starfield players were unaware of the option. As the Bethesda game releases in full in just a couple of days now, we're sure more and more players will come up against the same issue and will miss the subtle option at the bottom of their screens.

Unfortunately, it's not quite enough immersion for a lot of Starfield players. As the comments of the Reddit post linked above reveal, this doesn't actually work inside spaceships. According to various fans, players are able to take their helmets off inside the ship but not their suits, which is strange because their human companions can. It's theorized that this is due to some kind of bug, so let's hope it gets patched out in a future update.

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