I want to ruin Geralt's day with this new Witcher board game

 The board, miniatures, and cards from The Witcher: Path of Destiny alongside its box
The board, miniatures, and cards from The Witcher: Path of Destiny alongside its box

A new Witcher board game is on the way, and although it's set in the same world as the CD Projekt Red series, it allows you to play through - or twist - stories from across the original books.

Developed by Go On Board (the team behind the board game adventure The Witcher: The Old World), this new project lets you take control of Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, Dandelion, or Vesemir as you tackle plots that the video game series never touched. So far, tales from The Last Wish collection - like Renfri's war with the wizard Stregobor that made up episode one of the Netflix series, or Geralt's battle against the Striga - have been shown.

Dubbed 'The Witcher: Path of Destiny,' it'll start its crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound soon.

This isn't just a case of playing through adventures you may not have seen before, though. Instead, you can actually influence the course of events and end up with a very different conclusion. The Striga incident may come to a close as it did in the book, for instance, or the monster may escape… or die tragically. In other words? You can follow the 'path of destiny' or upend it instead (hence the title).

In terms of gameplay, Path of Destiny revolves around you building a hand of cards like many board games for adults. However, each story introduces a new mechanic to shake things up. You'll also end up using certain cards to dictate where the tale goes next each turn, so can attempt to derail your opponents' aims if you (literally) play your cards right.

You'll be able to check out the game on Gamefound this October 19. It's suitable for one to five players.

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