Wanna Know All the Details on Jenn Tran From 'The Bachelor'? Come Hither

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Jenn Tran 'Bachelor' Info, Right This WayABC

The Bachelor is maintaining its vice-like grip on our Monday nights in 2024, by which I mean Joey Graziadei's season is upon us. And judging from the incredibly dramatic trailer, we can expect a lot of stoic tears, hysterical crying, disassociation whilst staring into the distance, and makeout sessions in and around literally every available body of water on this poor planet we call home.

And while this season looks to be wild (or to quote Jesse Palmer, "unprecedented"), Joey does have some pretty cool-seeming contestants. And we're here to get to know Jenn Tran. Come for fun facts and stay for spoilers, because we have PLENTY of those to go over (at the very end of this article...past the gif).

Jenn Is Passionate About Helping Others

Jenn is a Miami-based student who has dedicated her life to helping others and is "currently studying to become a physician assistant." She's also "bilingual and is excited to talk to Joey about her family’s Vietnamese background."

Her Top Prio, Though? Finding Love

Per ABC, while Jenn "is passionate about working in health care, she is also ready to prioritize finding love. Jenn has had multiple serious relationships but is still looking for a man who’s as reliable and thoughtful as she is."

Meanwhile, Joey told the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that this is what he's looking for in a partner:

“I know for me, especially as I’ve gotten older, there isn’t a type. It’s more about a personality and a type of person. I just need someone that’s willing to be open to taking on life with me. I want someone adventurous. I want someone that’s going to love every day and try to make the most of it. I don’t know what that looks like. I’m one of those people that believes I’ll know when I see it. I’m just really excited for the idea that I might actually find that person.”

Jenn Believes in Aliens and Loves Shawn Mendes

Have to say, out of all the bios ABC has blessed us with this season, Jenn's is among the most iconic. Not only did ABC feel the need to tell us that "Jenn loves reading books like The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo," but they also informed us that she "knows that aliens are real," "doesn't leave home without ChapStic," and that Shawn Mendes' music "regularly" makes her cry.

Jenn Gets a 1-on-1 With Joey

And according to Reality Steve's spoilers, they go surfing! Which is a close relative of one of Jenn's fave activities, paddleboarding. Apparently they hit it off, because Jenn ended up in Joey's final six. Sadly, she got eliminated right before hometowns along with fellow contestant Kelsey Toussant.

But Jenn is clearly still a fan of Joey, at least based on this Instagram:

Here's to hoping we see Jenn on Bachelor in Paradise or Bachelorette (the latter of which will likely be announced during After the Final Rose)! And by the way, if you're curious about who won Joey's season and simply can't wait several weeks to find out, we know allll about who got his final rose and whether or not they're engaged as of RTFN:

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