Wanna Be Furr-ends? Golden Retriever Desperately Tries to Be Kitten's Pal

A golden retriever from Salem, Oregon, is clearly not familiar with the concept of playing hard to get as he desperately tried to befriend a kitten that was rescued by his humans.

Footage posted by Ryan Petersen on September 15 shows friendly golden Mason excitedly sniffing and dancing around his potential new friend, as the unsure kitten watches him carefully.

Petersen told Storyful that the kitten was one of four newborns that he and his wife found “soaked and stiff” in wetlands behind their house.

He said that they were in “very bad shape” when they were found, and that they only started to move around again after being warmed up by a blow dryer.

“After a few vet visits and treating eye infections and colds they are all re-homed. Our golden retriever Mason is one and a half years old here and absolutely loves all humans and kitty cats alike,” Petersen said.

“Although his cute attempts at convincing us to keep one failed, he continues to dream through the back window when a stray cat walks by,” he said. Credit: Ryan Petersen via Storyful

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