Wang Xiaofei's infamous mattress is now disposed

25 Nov – In the latest saga of the Wang Xiaofei- Barbie Hsu post-divorce conflict, the former couple's mattress took centre stage as its destruction attracted the attention of the media and netizens alike.

As Oriental Daily reported, on 23 November, Barbie was revealed to have contacted movers to send back the mattress that Wang once bought for her to the businessman's S Hotel before the management of the hotel was asked to dispose it.

The hotel decided to let the media watch, as the process of deconstructing the mattress was done, with one person even tried sitting on it to satisfy their curiosity over the previous brouhaha.

Staff trying to dispose the said mattress
Staff trying to dispose the said mattress

A rep from the hotel also shared that they originally planned to burn the mattress. However, thinking that it would generate a large-scale pollution, they decided to invite a professional to dispose it.

The remaining parts will be sent for recycling.

The mattress became a story of its own after Wang criticised Barbie's new man, Koo Jun-Yup in one of his Weibo tirades, saying that the couple were still using the mattress that he bought for Barbie instead of buying a new one.

It was made worse when his mother Zhang Lan spoke about the mattress in her own live broadcast as well, saying how expensive it was. She had added that her son had actually bought and changed mattresses more than ten times to find one that could help Barbie lie comfortably during their ten years of marriage

Wang and Barbie during the opening of S Hotel once upon a time
Wang and Barbie during the opening of S Hotel once upon a time

(Photo Source: U Weekly, China Times, Strait Times)