Wang Xiaofei doesn't want to fight anymore

24 Nov – After his long tirade on social media about ex-wife Barbie Hsu, Wang Xiaofei declared that he will end the conflict, only to later delete the post from his Weibo account.

As reported on Phoenix, on 23 November, the mainland businessman took to Weibo and posted, "I don't want to say anything anymore. The mattress is burned. It's over. We won't hurt each other anymore."

"You are my children's mother. I thank you. I won't say anything anymore. Please take care of the children," he added.

However, soon after he posted the message, it was gone from his social media account.

The former couple have two children together
The former couple have two children together

"The mattress" has been a source of internet humour for the past couple of days. It stemmed from Wang's rant about ex-wife Barbie Hsu and new husband DJ Koo Jun-Yup still using the mattress he bought when he was still married to the actress instead of buying a new one.

While it sounded like a mundane thing, Wang's mother Zhang Lan also previously mentioned the mattress, saying that her son actually bought and changed mattresses more than ten times to find one that could help Barbie lie comfortably during their ten years of marriage.

The statement did not help the mother and son's case at all, as it only fuelled netizens' mockery. One even commented, "I won't blame you if you cannot get the children back, but if you can't even get the mattress back, Wang Xiaofei, you are not a man."

According to the tabloids, a blue truck was seen arriving at Wang's S Hotel in Taipei on 23 November, later seen hauling a large white mattress wrapped in transparent plastic cover, sparking speculations that Barbie has decided to return it after all.

Barbie married DJ Koo Jun-Yup just a few months following her divorce
Barbie married DJ Koo Jun-Yup just a few months following her divorce

(Photo Source: Koo Jun-Yup IG, SINA)