Wang Leehom's online app makes millions

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

1 Apr – Wang Leehom is making bank!

The singer's music app, Yuexue, which opened for registration since January, reportedly has made at least RMB 33 million (approx. SGD 7 million), according to Sohu.

The app, which serves to teach you how to sing, has gained more than 20,000 subscribers since it started lessons in February, with each subscriber paying SGD 348 per month.

Leehom reportedly is very serious about his said venture, and has personally written an 84-page manual and recorded his own demonstration videos.

 Yuexue app's interface
Yuexue app's interface

To further optimise the app, the singer also taught himself coding and programming, and even does some customer servicing himself.

It was reported that Leehom is planning to expand the scale of the app, with more master courses to be opened online soon.

However, this success seemed to worry his fans, who thinks that the app could delay Leehom's new album and even hinder his own singing career. It is noted that the singer has not released a new album for four years already.

Leehom is obviously elated with the success of his app.
Leehom is obviously elated with the success of his app.

(Photo Source: Wang Leehom Instagram, SOHU)