Wang Kai's alleged indecent video makes the rounds again

7 Nov– Wang Kai has once again denied rumours of his sexual orientation, following the release of an indecent video of a person resembling him behaving intimately with another man.

As reported on Tencent, the "Nirvana in Fire" actor took to Weibo to clarify the issue in an ambiguous post, saying that the man in the 41-second video, which circulated on 31 October, was not him.

"Late autumn has arrived, the water level is getting shallower, waiting for the gavel to fall, and to get to the bottom on its own," he wrote.

Wang's management also dismissed the rumours as false, writing, "Justice is coming. We will resolutely defend our rights!"

It is noted that the video was first released back in 2016 amid rumours surrounding Wang's sexual identity. However, some netizens later pointed out that the man in the video was in fact not the actor himself, but a lookalike who was not from mainland China.

Many believe that the video was released yet again by Wang's haters due to the fact that the actor is set to release two new dramas soon.

(Photo Source: kknews)