Wang Feng defends Zhang Ziyi's new drama

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

13 Jan – Mainland rock star Wang Feng recently defended wife Zhang Ziyi following the backlash over her performance in her new TV series, "The Rebel Princess" (also known as "Monarch Industry").

As reported on Epoch Times, netizens recently made fun of the 42 year-old actress for playing the teenage, adolescent, and middle-age version of her character, with many saying that the acting was forced at certain times due to the fact that she was too old to be playing a 15 year-old.

Others also stated that they did not relate to the character at all and that the story mainly depended on the plot rather than Zhang's character.

In response to the criticism, Wang posted a photo of when he took their daughters to visit Zhang on the set of the said production, writing, "At that time, Xing Xing was just over two years old, and her [step-sister] was still a little girl. I would often take my children to visit their mother's studio. In the corner of the lounge, a large cushion was laid. It was the game area where Xing Xing would wait for her mother to return from filming."

"For more than nine months, I experienced the change of the four seasons, and I also realised that all the creators invested in this work. For three years, everyone involved have been anxiously waiting for the day when "The Princess Rebel" is successfully broadcast... the drama is the contribution of all the front and backstage workers, congratulations to everyone!"

He also stated that Zhang's injury from a previous mishap on the set has not even completely healed and that the actress has always been passionate about her project.

In a previous interview, the actress, who made her first series in 24 years, stated that she is ready for the criticism that would be coming her way, after many claimed that her decision to do a TV series was a downgrade of her status as an A-lister.

(Photo Source: Wang Feng Weibo)