Wang Baoqiang's former agent released from prison?



15 Sep – It was reported that Wang Baoqiang's former agent, Song Zhe has now been released from prison.

According to Epoch Times, Song Zhe, who was sentenced to six years in prison back on 12 September 2017, was allegedly released on 11 September and has now returned home to Beijing.

Back in 2017, Song reportedly was charged for embezzling as much as RMB 650,000 from Wang's studio by negotiating ying yang contracts without the actor's knowledge. After finding out about the embezzlement, the actor was revealed to have lodged a report to the police.

The case made headlines worldwide, especially after Wang accused his wife Ma Rong of having an extramarital affair with Song and concealing some of the couple's assets.

After the guilty verdict was delivered, Song did not appeal and returned all the stolen money. Over the years, Wang Baoqiang's marriage lawsuit would be discussed by the outside world from time to time.


Wang divorced Ma Rong after seven years of marriage
Wang divorced Ma Rong after seven years of marriage


(Photo Source: SCMP, China Press)