Walmart's wagyu steak comparison: Is this new beef as good as wagyu?

I'm sure you already know we made several videos comparing the wagyu beef from Walmart with different other meats but today we are getting even deeper into the rabbit hole and compare this good wagyu meat with a newly imported beef I just got! Walmart wagyu has a pretty good quality and that is why I choose it to compare to this new meat we have here today. This is a Certified Black Angus Meat from Argentina, a unique breed created specifically for the U.S. Market and today I'll tell you how good it is! This meat is, as you can see, of superior quality when compared to regular Argentinian beef and it was created using a selected breed in order to accomplice a superior marbling without losing the typical Argentinian beef flavor. I truly hope you enjoy this video as much as we did. Like and subscribe for more!