Walmart sparks China ire over Xinjiang products

Walmart is the latest western firm in trouble with China, after a unit of the firm appeared to remove from sale products made in Xinjiang province.

That's the region where Beijing faces accusations that it operates forced labor camps.

Members-only warehouse Sam's Club was said to have removed the products last week.

That sparked fury on Chinese social media channels, while the country's anti-graft agency called the move "stupid" and "short-sighted".

Now a Sam's Club representative has denied there was any such removal, saying it's all a misunderstanding.

He says the products only appeared absent due to the way the firm's search function operates.

However, the controversy has seen a wave of membership cancellations by Sam's Club customers in China.

And it's just the latest corporate crisis over Xinjiang.

Walmart itself has also been accused of removing products from the region.

Other western firms including fashion retailer H&M and chipmaker Intel have come under fire for adjusting their businesses over Xinjiang.

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