Walmart Shopper Intervenes in Dramatic Way to Knock Over Knife-Wielding Suspect

A knife-wielding man who a witness said was “demanded $20” in a Walmart in Columbia, South Carolina, was disarmed in dramatic fashion, when one shopper hit him from behind with a pole.

Footage recorded by LaQuanda Eichelberger shows a man in a red hoodie shouting and swearing inside the Walmart while brandishing a knife.

“I was at the self checkout where I work and the customer came in and demanded $20,” Eichelberger told Storyful. “I saw he had a knife after him yelling demanding $20. I said ‘Oh, he has a knife’ to one of my managers who tried to confront him.”

Another shopper, identified by local news as military veteran Demario Davis, is seen hitting the man in the red hoodie with a pole. The man falls to the ground and is then seen struggling with sheriff’s deputies, who cuff him.

Local media reported that the man was assessed by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department’s Crisis Intervention Team and taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

Charges had yet to be filed, the report added. Credit: LaQuanda Eichelberger via Storyful

Video transcript

- Go get the money, [MUTED].

- Oh.

- [INAUDIBLE] [MUTED]. Go get [MUTED] the money, [MUTED]. [MUTED].

- Oh!


- I ain't going to [MUTED]. I'm about to get the [MUTED]. I don't give a [MUTED]. [INAUDIBLE]


- Well then get the [MUTED].

- Oh, stop him. Oh, not the [INAUDIBLE] store.

- Give me the [MUTED] money. I swear--

- Just give the man $20, y'all.

- Walmart, get the man $20.


- Oh. Oh.


- Oh. Oh.

- Ooh, he waving the knife. Oh, oh.

- --kill you all [INAUDIBLE]

- Oh! Oh.

- [MUTED] $20 a night.

- Somebody give the man [MUTED].

- [INAUDIBLE] Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!


- Oh, this-- he doing Dave Chappelle.


- Oh!

- Oh, [MUTED]!


- Oh.

- No, no, no. I didn't do it. I didn't do anything. [SCREAMS] No!

- Ooh, y'all got the good [INAUDIBLE].

- Send me that too.

- Did anybody see if he had a weapon?

- Yes.

- Yeah, he had a knife. That's why they tried to get it from him. That's all. And he was saying he was going to stab people because he wanted $20.

- Yeah. OK.

- Oh, that's crazy.