I broke my foot! Here's how Walmart's new delivery service eased my pain

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Whoops! (Photo: Getty Images)
When things go wrong, Walmart+ delivery service swoops in to help! (Photo: Getty Images)

I was trying to be a good niece, trying to “show up,” as they say. So I took the long drive to my aunt’s backyard 90th birthday party. Gold star for effort. All was well. Until it was time to leave the event. On my way out, with the universe whispering, “No good deed goes unpunished,” I turned my ankle and fell hard. It was the kind of fall that floods your body with adrenaline as if to say danger! Injury! Don’t even think about standing up! I had crushed (and broken) a fragile bone in my foot — the one that leads to the baby toe.

Doctors like to tell you how common this break is — the fifth metatarsal is just asking for it — but that brings no comfort. What did bring me comfort? Walmart+, the delivery service I had initially signed up for during peak pandemic. I was able to order everything from a novel to help pass the time to a genius gel ice pack to ease my swelling without stress.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Walmart+ is kind of like Amazon Prime. For a small flat fee — $13 a month or $98 a year — you get free shipping on unlimited orders of eligible merch, which can even include groceries. You receive your goods quickly — overnight, or in some cases, the very same day. There are no added fees. And sign-up is easy; a risk-free trial gives you 15 days, and a quick three-question survey will tack on two more weeks.

Four weeks after the injury, I’m feeling a lot better, physically and inside my head. Right now I’m searching Walmart.com for some comfy platform-ish shoes to match the 1.5-inch elevation of my therapeutic walking boot. It’s still tricky to get around, and I’m not allowed to drive. So I’m going to place a grocery order with Walmart+. Even if I can’t go for a hike, get to the mall or drive to a friend’s house, I can hobble around the kitchen and make a pot of soup. Baby steps. Literally.

Ice is nice...

Rester's Choice Gel Cold & Hot Packs, 2-Piece Set

Cool comfort. (Photo: Walmart)
Cool comfort. (Photo: Walmart)

As you know if you’ve ever been injured, the first few days are all about getting the swelling down. As my foot morphed from purple to yellow to green, I iced 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, as instructed. So much better than a bag of frozen peas or a leaky Ziploc of loose cubes, this top-rated Velcro-enabled wrap, which comes with two inserts, made me feel like less of a hot mess — and always ensured a spare cold pack awaiting me in the freezer.

$15 at Walmart

A supplement that might help...

NeoCell Super Collagen + Vit C & Biotin Tablets, 90 Count

Collagen (Photo: Walmart)
Gee, my hair looks terrific — seriously, I noticed a difference. Hope it helps my foot! (Photo: Walmart)

The only supplement I take regularly is magnesium, because you pop it right at bedtime. Otherwise, I’m not good at remembering when or how (with food? without food?) to do it right. My doc told me collagen, vitamin C and a general skin-hair-nails formula could be beneficial for healing bones. That’s all I needed to know. This capsule contains everything she recommended. (By the way: Take this with food!)

$10 at Walmart

A great novel...

The Vanishing Half (paperback) by Brit Bennett

So engrossing I forgot to be sad about my injury. (Photo: Walmart)
So engrossing, I forgot to be sad about my injury. (Photo: Walmart)

Having consumed pretty much everything there is to watch during the pandemic, I craved a gripping novel to keep me still for this healing marathon. Brit Bennett’s brilliant tale of twin sisters who take divergent paths was just the thing to calm my twitchy self and help me stay put. I’ll bet there’s a great movie version in the works, but don’t wait. Read this now.

$17 at Walmart

Home improvements...

Better Homes & Gardens Botanical Decorative Square Pillow

Beautiful things are good for the soul — and, in my case, good for the sole. (Photo: Walmart)

When you’re sitting on your couch all day elevating your leg, you really start to notice the shabby details (as opposed to the shabby-chic details) in your living room. So, yes, sue me — I used this time as an excuse to zhush things up with these new botanical-print throw pillows, which feel autumnal and fresh and make my 10-year-old couch look five years younger.

$16 at Walmart

Chill workout gear...

Prosourcefit Ankle Wrist Weights

Weights (Photo: Walmart)
Gotta stay strong! (Photo: Walmart)

From Day One I was going nuts imagining the muscles in my right leg entering a state of atrophy. After nagging my doctor, I learned I was permitted to do non-weight-bearing exercise to keep that leg strong while it was out of commission. This meant basic leg lifts in all directions, just like I used to do as an aerobics instructor back in the 1980s. She said it was fine to use a light ankle weight so I could “feel the burn” (jk, the doctor did NOT tell me to feel the burn). I picked these because of their high customer rating and the fact that I can spot them amid a mess (hello, purple!), since even basic tidying is not possible right now.

$16 at Walmart

Relief for my aching back...

Novashion Gel Seat Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Memory foam cushioning just makes everything better. (Photo: Walmart)
Memory foam cushioning just makes everything better. (Photo: Walmart)

My butt hurts. I feel we know each other well enough that I can tell you that. This extended period of inertia is really started to get to me by week two. My tailbone, my lower back, my sitting bones — everything ached. I felt old and creaky. It was depressing. This memory foam cushion brought me back to life. It’s meant for an office chair or a car, but I used it on a wooden kitchen chair, and it was so comfy and amazing. It gave me energy and reminded me to sit up straight. This is one item I’m not retiring when I’m back on my feet.

$22 at Walmart

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