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Find unbelievable deals on Apple Watches, cutting-edge LG TVs and more!

tv and apple watch on sale
Beauty, technology, and health - all on sale! (Photo: Walmart)

Some deals are exciting, others are thrilling. Today we have some of the thrilling variety. Have you ever seen 18K gold plated earrings for just $18? The eternally popular Apple Watch for under $150? How about a state-of-the-art OLED TV for $150 off? These are diamond-in-the-rough sales, and we know they won’t last long.

That's why we've partnered with Walmart for their red-hot Deals for Days campaign to bring you the best of the best. Every day through the end of November, you’ll find new sales on everything you need to make the most out of the holiday season. Wrap it up now, stash it for later and bask in that great deal glow.

1. This 48-inch LG TV gives crystal clear picture plus $150 off

Come winter, the best place to be is curled up on the couch watching your favorite TV shows. Make the experience cinema worthy with this cutting-edge 48-inch Smart TV from LG. Boasting innovative OLED (organic LED) technology, these TVs are considered the best on the market. OLEDs have self-illuminating pixels, which make the picture quality unbelievably sharp, vibrant and life-like. The OLED display also means a super thin screen, a wide viewing angle and a lightning quick response time. (Gamers rejoice!) As an added bonus, this sleek TV is incredibly energy efficient, so you’ll save power as you relax in style. Now $150 off, this is the winter upgrade your whole family will swoon over.
$647 at Walmart

2. This Apple Watch is like a personal assistant on your wrist

Who among us does not covet an Apple Watch? This brilliant gadget does it all: tracks fitness, plays music, makes calls, sends texts, works as a credit card, a car key and about a hundred other things you’ll have to explore for yourself. The Apple Watch is the ultimate gift for anyone looking to streamline their daily activities, while adding a universe of fun to their wrist. It’s also a sneaky way of being more mindful, as one chilled-out reviewer reports. “The reminders are awesome- stand up, move, breathe, drink water- you name it. It is helping with my accountability of being healthier and that is AMAZING! Also, Walmart’s price was STELLAR!”
$149 at Walmart

3. These 18k white gold hoop earrings are an unbeatable price

Here is the deal of the century: 18K white gold earrings with Swarovski crystals for just $18. Honestly, we did a double-take. These Cate & Chloe classic hoops add a timeless, elegant sparkle to any outfit. They’re the perfect holiday party accessory, while also being versatile enough to wear every day. “I purchased a set in the white gold for my bestie last Christmas. She’s NEVER taken them out and they still look GREAT.” With 34 round cut crystals, a secure lever back and a posh little jewelry case, this impressive set normally goes for $135. Act fast, we guarantee these will go quickly.
$18 at Walmart

4. A humidifier to combat winter dryness

The humidifier is the unsung hero of winter. As temperatures drop, air dries out and colds make the rounds, a humidifier offers countless healthy benefits. Adding clean moisture to the air not only keeps our lungs clear and our skin moisturized, it can stop the spread of influenza. Did we mention it’s also great for houseplants, wood floors and combatting the static electricity that follows us around all winter? Enter the Miko Humidifier, which uses smart technology to scan the air and emit the perfect humidity level needed for the moment. With a built-in filtration device, the Miko ensures the water in your air is always perfectly clean. This humidifier is gloriously user friendly, with a large, detachable, spill-proof water tank and a remote control that lets you adjust the settings from bed. Take it even further and scent the water with essential oils, warm the mist for a spa-like ambiance and never leave the house.
$75 at Walmart

5. A Greenworks self-propelled lawn mower to unburden their outdoor chores

Welcome to the future of lawn mowing, where there’s no gasoline, no noisy engine and the mower propels itself. Thanks to this fan-favorite Greenworks mower, pushing a heavy machine across the yard is a headache of the past. The mower’s ingenious rear-wheel drive can be set to different speeds, which means you can power across bumpy terrain while steering with one hand. Fully electric and wonderfully compact, this machine is well-designed, well-constructed and, as one reviewer put it, “the bomb.” The reviews are packed with smitten users, like this man who’s the envy of his neighborhood: “This is a great lawn mower. First, it’s so quiet. Secondly, so easy to start. Third, the self-propulsion makes cutting the grass a breeze - I spend so much less time mowing. Last, all my neighbors are jealous that I have a battery lawnmower that they are going to get one too. It makes one of the worst chores of summer not so onerous; I no longer dread going out to mow the yard.” At $100 off, now seems like a good time to make the neighbors jealous.
$344 at Walmart

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