Wallaby Joey Looked After by Keepers Following Mom's Health Scare

Keepers at the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, New South Wales, came to the rescue of a yellow-footed rock wallaby joey when its mother suffered a prolapsed pouch, the park said.

Footage from the park shows the unnamed female joey in the care of keepers.

The park said that keepers had noticed the joey’s mother, Kelly, pawing at her pouch during a routine check of the park’s nine yellow-footed rock wallabies.

Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that Kelly had a prolapsed pouch, making her unable to carry her joey.

The joey was placed in a knitted pouch and Kelly was given medical attention.

The park’s life sciences manager, Hayley Shute, said: “Once the joey was rescued, the team gave her mum a thorough health-check to see if there were any other health issues that may have contributed to her pouch issues. We’re happy to report that despite not being able to carry her baby, she is in great health and will remain with the rest of the mob.”

The joey will be looked after by keepers for the next six months before being reunited with the rest of the mob, the park said. Credit: Australian Reptile Park via Storyful

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