Wall Street Oil Analyst Fired Over Viral Outburst on Israel

Richard Baker/Getty
Richard Baker/Getty

A Wall Street oil analyst has been fired after a video of him covering up Israeli hostage posters in New York City, holding up signs saying “Israel is an apartheid state,” and telling a Jewish American man to “go back to your country” went viral. According to the New York Post, far-right influencer Andy Ngo was the first to identify the individual as Kurush Mistry last Thursday, and two people familiar with the situation later confirmed his identity to the Financial Times. A woman in the video, who was later identified as his partner Shailja Gupta, called Israelis “rapists” and said the Jewish American man didn’t “want my f–king country to exist,” referring to Palestine. In a statement, Mistry’s employer, Freepoint Commodities, said that they “welcome the diversity of views” but do not “tolerate discrimination and hate speech.”

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