‘The Walking Dead’ Final Episodes Get Premiere Date, Bloody New Trailer (Video)

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Now you know when the end will come for everyone: The final eight episodes of “The Walking Dead” will premiere on AMC Sunday, Oct. 2, the cast and crew announced Friday during the show’s last-ever San Diego Comic-Con Hall H panel.

But that’s not all — the premiere date announcement came with a bloody new trailer, which you can watch above right now. You know, in case you need to start emotionally preparing for the show to be over.

Granted, the trailer itself might get you in your feels right from the jump. The footage starts out with an emotional montage of pivotal moments from the previous seasons of the show. But from there, it goes all out.

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As AMC sums things up in the official synopsis, “In the upcoming final episodes of ‘The Walking Dead,’ threats lurk around every corner, dead and alive, as each group continues to get caught in uncontrollable situations. The looming pressure is cresting towards a day of reckoning for all. Will the sum of their individual journeys cumulate into one, or divide them forever?”

And indeed, the undead are everywhere — in hoards — making for a particularly bloody few minutes of footage.

They’re as terrifying as ever, and harder to avoid, which kind of throws a wrench in things, considering the hunt is on for Hornsby, and of course, the gang is in a time crunch. As Norman Reedus’s Daryl Dixon notes, it’s really never easy to get a job done on “The Walking Dead.”

But, much like Daryl is his gruff self, Negan is his terrifying self. When threatened with a classic “Do you know who I am?” he bites back: “Do you know who I am?” And uh, we definitely do.

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