‘Walker’ Ending Explained: What Could’ve Happened After That Big Season 4 Finale Cameo

After four seasons, “Walker” has once again come to an end. Wednesday marked the final episode of the CW’s Jared Padalecki-starring drama after the Nexstar-owned network canceled the show after four seasons.

A reboot of the 1990s Western series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “Walker” first premiered in 2021. It revolved around Cordell Walker, a Texas Ranger who has to find his footing after returning home from a lengthy undercover assignment. From how the series ended for all of its biggest characters, to what that celebrity cameo could have happened in Season 5, here’s what to know about the final episode of “Walker.”

How does “Walker” end?

“See You Sometime,” the final episode of “Walker” Season4, was all about tying up loose ends. And one of the biggest bows the law enforcement drama had to tie was deciding who was taking over the Texas Rangers.

The first half of the finale focused on Cassie (Ashley Reyes) and Trey (Jeff Pierre) as they prepared for their respective interviews. Though Trey’s interview went perfectly and Cassie fumbled hers, Cassie was the one who walked away with the title of lieutenant. Why? It all came down to experience and how Cassie proved her leadership skills over the years. Cassie and Trey ended their professional rivalry on good terms as she stepped into her new office.

One of the first ornaments Cassie hung on her wall was the coaster Detective David Luna (Justin Johnson Cortez) once gave her that read: “I can’t even look at you!” It stood as a small but powerful token from a lost love.

Cassie may have ended the series unlucky in love, but do you know who didn’t? Liam (Keegan Allen). After a great deal of fumbling, Cordi’s brother eventually asked his boyfriend Ben (Matt Pascua) to move in together. Soon after Ben agreed, Liam received a call from the governor and was whisked away on a mysterious mission. If any part of “Walker” is going to be a spin-off, it’s going to be whatever’s happening to Liam.

Coby Bell as Captain Larry James, Mitch Pileggi as Bonham Walker, Molly Hagan as Abeline Walker in “Walker” (Photo Credit: CW)

The finale also had some lesser-stake moments. Cordi’s parents, Bon (Mitch Pileggi) and Adeline (Molly Hagan), finally agreed on what they wanted to do in their old age. Moving forward, Bon will keep his boat, and Adeline will use it for her events business, making the vessel a tax write-off. Also, Sadie (Saylor Bel) apologized to Geri and Stella (Violet Brinson) for waiting so long to come to them about the death threats she was receiving.

But ultimately, the series finale belonged to Cordi (Jared Padalecki) and Geri (Odette Annable). After devoting his life to the Texas Rangers, getting kidnapped and tortured by the Jackal killers and suffering through the murder of Luna, Cordell Walker ended the show by doing the truly unthinkable: taking a vacation. Following the graduation of his son Auggie (Kale Culley), he vowed to take a trip with his kids and Geri. And to prove that he was serious, he even took off a full month for the event to the delight and approval of his new boss, Cassie.

That was not all. He also told Geri that he wanted to make a new — presumably less stressful — life for them. “I love us, and I understand you. I really think I do. And I know that you want to do something different, but, given your life, realistically, how are you going to pull this off?” Geri asked him.

Keegan Allen as Liam Walker in “Walker” (Photo Credit: CW)

“I think I might have a solution for that,” Cordi replied. Though he doesn’t explain his plan to her at the time, the camera later showed Cordi slipping a velvet ring box into his pocket, which means one thing: a proposal is in the future.

“Walker” ended with Cordi, Geri and the kids driving off into the Texas sunset. Before they traveled too far from their home, they noticed a truck and a moving trailer going the other direction. The family joked that maybe this neighbor will be normal for once.

Who does James Van Der Beek play in “Walker”?

That new neighbor was none other than James Van Der Beek. “Walker” ended with Van Der Beek — clad in all white — dropping off an arrangement of soaps on the front porch of the Walker home.

He may be a fun cameo, but Van Der Beek’s appearance is a remnant of the abrupt cancellation of “Walker.” If a fifth season were to happen, the former “Dawson’s Creek” star was going to play a cult leader on the show.

“We were going to do the cult next door,” showrunner Anna Fricke told TVLine. “Ever since James Van Der Beek moved to Austin, we’ve been like, ‘How do we get him into the show? What can we do?’ and this just seemed like the perfect thing, and we finally got him for this part.”

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