'Waiting Pays Off': Persistent Young Londoner Gets His COVID Jab at Twickenham

Persistence paid off for one young Londoner at the “Let’s Tackle Covid” event at Twickenham on May 31. Videos by Michael Szydlo show his journey through the stadium to an eventual vaccine jab after, he said, “everyone was told to go back home”.

“Waiting pays off,” Szydlo wrote on Twitter. “Everyone was told to go back home, as otherwise noone would be able to manage the crowd [that] descended on Twickenham, but in the end there was enough doses left to jab a dozen people waiting with me at the gate.”

Large crowds of people flocked to rugby stadium after some 15,000 COVID-19 vaccinations were made available there for one day only for anyone over the age of 18.

The vaccination drive was arranged in response to an increase in COVID-19 cases in the nearby area of Hounslow, LBC said.

“Never been more excited to go into a stadium,” Szydlo said. Credit: Michael Szydlo via Storyful

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