'I waited 200 days for happiness' - McDonald's reopens in Kyiv

STORY: Kyiv residents lined up for hours on Tuesday outside McDonald's restaurants after the American burger chain reopened three branches in the Ukrainian capital for the first time since Russia's invasion began.

These restaurants are delivery-only for the time being, but some diners got so excited that they waited outside to collect their meals from the couriers lined up next to them. For some, the meals give a taste of life before the invasion.

"We bought three Big Tasty menus for the three of us. This is the real deal. This is what I've been waiting for for more than 200 days."

"What exactly is it?"

"[That's] happiness, pure happiness."

McDonald’s closed all its restaurants in Ukraine and Russia in March, though according to the chain, it continued paying more than 10,000 Ukrainian employees. It plans to re-open more branches in Kyiv and western Ukraine in the coming weeks. The interest is already so high that local delivery service Glovo had to stop accepting orders.

Anastasiia Tolchynska’s order was canceled online, so she joined the actual line outside the restaurant.

"I am happy we have McDonald's and the Russians don't and won't have it. Let the truth be on our side and let [international] business support the truth…I think everyone was waiting for this moment. This [McDonald's reopening] is a cult thing and is nice for us (to have it) during these times."