'Wagon Train' Parades Through New Jersey Neighborhood to Showcase Social Distancing Fun

A “social distancing parade” featuring wagons tethered together to form a train was held on Mother’s Day, in the southern New Jersey borough of Newfield, a video shows.

Rochelle Bastien, who filmed the video on May 10, said the “wagon train” was a success with the residents of Newfield and the moms who took part.

In the video, a train of women sitting in toy wagons can be seen lined up behind a golf cart, which is pulling them through the neighborhood. The riders wave and smile as they are pulled along. The last woman on the train holds up a bottle as she passes the camera.

“Social Distancing Mother’s Day Parade through the neighborhood! #mothersday #ridethetrain #choochoo,” Bastien wrote on Facebook. Credit: Rochelle Bastien via Storyful