VW aims to double electric car sales in China

Volkswagen is likely to double sales of its ID battery-electric vehicles in China this year.

That's according to the German carmaker Tuesday (January 11).

The ID series is the central focus of VW's electric ambitions in the world's largest auto market.

The company sold just over 70,000 of the vehicles in China last year, but that was below the target of up to 100,000 cars.

VW's underperformance was blamed on the health crisis and a shortage of semiconductors.

Chips are used in everything from brake sensors to power steering and entertainment systems.

The supply issue has forced car companies around the world to cut or suspend production.

Though VW is confident of doubling sales this year, regional head Stephan Wollenstein warned the chip shortage may still cause problems.

He said Volkswagen Group sales in China were down 14% last year, with 3.3 million cars sold in the country.

The company aims to boost that number by around 500,000 units over the next 12 months - but that again depends on chip supply.

VW is competing in a tough EV market.

Electric sales are strong in China, but largely dominated by regional brands like BYD and Wuling.

Tesla ranks at number three, and is the only foreign brand in the top 10.

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