VW admits 'Voltswagen' rebrand was just a stunt

So it was just a marketing stunt after all.

Volkswagen says it will not actually change the name of its U.S. unit to 'Voltswagen'.

Though it put out a press release Tuesday (March 30) saying that was the plan.

And the world's media was taken in.

The prank was well executed, beginning with a supposed leak, and then going into some detail.

It was widely reported, including by Reuters, with at least one analyst writing a note praising the plan.

And it wasn't April Fool's day, after all.

Not everyone took kindly to being tricked, however.

Some commenters recalled the company's dieselgate scandal, and years of misleading customers and regulators.

For VW it may be mission accomplished though.

The stunt drew attention to the brand's big shift into zero-emission vehicles.

It aims to invest about 19 billion dollars in EVs by 2025.

But its future press releases on the subject... will now be read with a certain caution.