planning its largest voter-registration campaign ever is launching its largest-ever voter registration campaign, aimed at adding 8 million voters for the 2024 cycle, the nonpartisan voter engagement organization announced Friday.

“With near daily reporting about young people and people of color feeling disillusioned with this year’s elections, a nationwide movement to engage and help them register to vote has never been more important,” said Andrea Hailey, CEO of, in a statement.

The group is “putting our full might behind this effort for one reason: the stakes for our democracy have never been higher,” Hailey said.

With a $25 million budget — which says is “the single largest dedicated voter registration expenditure in history” — the group is vying to register more young voters and voters of color in particular, blocs that could be critical in a competitive presidential race.

The effort comes amid worries about lackluster turnout in November because voters report low enthusiasm about a rematch between President Biden and former President Trump at the top of the ticket. reports already having registered nearly 500,000 voters this cycle, including more than 200,000 18-year-olds — which the group said is nearly double the number of voters of that age registered by this time in the 2020 cycle.

As it pushes toward 8 million registrations, is planning outreach through campus engagement and radio advertising tailored to local communities — including ads featuring different Spanish-language dialects and Navajo translations.

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