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Chris Longridge
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In the words of the great Hugh Jackman, "Impossible comes true, it's taking over you / Oh, this is the greatest show".

Yeah, all well and good, Hugh, but which show?

Any number of lists will purport to tell you the best TV shows of our lifetime, but they tend to be compiled by journalists rather than actual viewers, and as we all know, journalists are a big bunch of idiots. So we're putting it to you, Digital Spy readers, to be the final arbiters of good taste.

We've compiled a shortlist ("short", ha!) of 150 shows that have either scored consistently highly on aggregator sites or appear again and again in Best Of lists, or else proven especially popular with Digital Spy readers over the course of the century. (Yes, we've been around the whole century, and we were taking notes.)

We haven't included anything that debuted in the last century, though, even if it was still running in the '00s, so it's bad news for Buffy, Friends and The Sopranos, to name but three. Gotta have rules. If your favourite show isn't on the shortlist, well, sorry about that. We tried to fit in as many as we could.

Click here to take part – you can vote for as many shows as you like, but you only get to submit your answers once.

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