Volunteer Firefighters Tackle 19,000-Acre Mooreland Fire in Oklahoma

Rural fire departments worked with federal and state agencies to battle the 19,072-acre Mooreland fire in northern Oklahoma on Friday, July 29.

The Oklahoma Forestry Services (OFS) reported that the Mooreland fire had burned at least 29.8 square miles and was 20 percent contained as of Wednesday, July 27.

A local news outlet reported that OFS officials told them directly that the fire was 60 percent contained on Friday.

Oklahoma Gov Kevin Stitt approved “additional aerial assets” in response to the Mooreland fire, according to the Secretary for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. He also approved National Guard air support and brought in US Forestry Tankers, according to a press release.

“This week’s fast-moving wildfire in Woodward County paired with dangerous high temperatures have been difficult for responders," said the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management in a joint press release with the governor. “But dozens of fire departments and wildland task forces have answered the call to step in and help and couldn’t be more grateful for their service.”

This footage was shared by Amorita Byron Fire Department, a volunteer fire department that was tackling the fire from the north and south ends. Credit: Brad Rieger Amorita via Storyful

Video transcript

- That's a lot of fire right there. That's a lot of fire right there. That's a lot of fire right there. That's a lot of fire right there. That's a lot of fire right there.

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