Voices from Broadway on the return to the stage

'Ain't Too Proud' Director Des McAnuff told Reuters: "[I] Think shutting down was the wise thing to do. I think we'll find a way to navigate. I hope I'm right and I hope you don't play this back to me at some point and make me look like a fool. But, I'm optimistic that we'll navigate our way through this. I was just in London opening a show there, and, and frankly, it was joyous. It was just, it was great. And we had some, some challenges, but we got through them."

Actor James Harkness said: "The fun. I missed the people, I missed the connection. I missed the brotherhood I missed the sisterhood, I missed the family. And I missed performing, definitely there's no question about that. But I missed this."

"We haven't been doing this for a year and a half, and we, we the company, our producers and myself and our director, Des Mcanuff have really taken into account the fact that we need to get our company back in shape, we need to regroup them, we need to bring them together. So, we are, you know, setting up they're going to have yoga classes, spirituality classes," said choreographer Sergio Trujillo.

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