Vodafone tests 'self-powering' phone mast in the UK

STORY: This 'self-powering' cell phone mast is being trialed in the UK

to help deliver 4G coverage to remote regions, so-called 'not-spots'

Location: Eglwyswrw, Wales

(SOUNDBITE) (English) (Suki Gilliland, Vodafone senior energy manager)

"This mast is part of our innovation around renewables, which means we can reduce our carbon emissions and also is supporting our ambition to connect difficult to connect rural areas of the UK."

Vodafone says the mast has its own wind turbine, solar panels and battery storage

It incorporates a novel wind turbine technology developed by Crossflow Energy

that can generate power even in light winds

"This is a 24 month trial for this site, it enables us to measure the actual electricity generated by the renewable generators on the site. And then we have another site in plan for future to do a similar trial. And we are looking to roll out renewable energy generation and self powering masts at other locations in hard to reach areas where there's difficulties connecting to the national grid for our customers in rural and hard to reach areas of the UK."

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