Vlogger Explores Hidden Volcanic Caves and Lava Tube in Hawaii

A Hawaiian vlogger filmed his adventure through a stunning volcanic cave system in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, on April 18.

Kawika Singson regularly posts footage showing some of the natural wonders seen around Hawaii’s landscape and off its shores.

The video shows Singson grabbing his favourite ‘beat-up’ shoes and exploring a lava tube he finds while hiking.

“So once I find this lava tube what do I do? Well actually I don’t do anything,” Singson says in the video. “I take a few photos, take some video and then sit down and observe it and I take it all in. Enjoy the beauty. Admire the beauty and visualise what it was like when this lava tube was being created.” Credit: Kawika Singson via Storyful