ViuTV talent manager denies prioritising MIRROR over other artistes

10 Jan – ViuTV producer and talent manager Wong Wai Kwan (nicknamed Sister Fa) recently dismissed the idea that she was being impartial when it comes to managing the members of the Hong Kong idol group MIRROR and other artistes of ViuTV.

As reported on Mingpao, the accusations were made by netizens against Wong, whom they believed to have only promoted MIRROR and is using most of the company's resources on them as they are considered VIUTV's most profitable stars.

As a result, ViuTV's other less sought after artistes have reportedly been set aside or in some cases, were even fired from the company.

When asked about it recently, Wong denied that she was being biased in her management.

"MIRROR has not participated in many auditions. Even when there are variety shows, not all of them necessarily use all the members. So they are competing fairly with other artistes. There is no impartiality," she said.

Member Anson Kong also denied special treatment, saying that nobody in the company has expressed unhappiness or frustration over the company's treatment towards all of them.

"We concentrate on singing and dancing, on performances, while others focus on dramas and variety shows. Everyone's scope is different," he added.

Another member Lokman stated that even if Wong is impartial towards MIRROR, it does not mean that the company is biased towards others.

(Photo Source: on cc)