'Those Are Huge!': Giant Gators Wrestle in Florida Reserve

Two wrestlings alligators put on a show for visitors at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County, Florida. The video captured by Hank Bagwell shows the two large reptiles fighting and thrashing about in a canal on May 11.

Bagwell, who is a documentary filmmaker and recently moved to Florida, told Storyful he was on a hike when he spotted one of the gators strolling up to the other and sensed a confrontation was coming.

“I kept thinking, ’It’s about to go down’ and filmed for a bit… I quickly hit the record button at the very second they lunged at each other,” said Bagwell. “I kept a good distance away and tried to record everything while also being aware of my surroundings. They both knew I was there and they had no interest in me. It was incredible to watch!” Credit: Instagram/@thehankbagwell via Storyful