Visiting the world's first NFT museum in Seattle

STORY: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of digital asset that has exploded in popularity recently, with NFT artworks selling for millions of dollars.

"We really realized the impact of being able to look at this type of art in a way where you actually slow down. You see all the details,” said Jennifer Wong, a co-founder and curator at Seattle NFT Museum.

“We're seeing people change their profile photos to this type of art. I think that was an exciting opportunity to really bring that experience to Seattle."

The museum opened its doors on January 14, and has been providing an outlet for artists, creators, and collectors to display their NFTs in a physical setting, while aiming to educate the public about this fairly new market for digital art.

“We're trying to onboard folks and help them see like what the value of NFTs are and help people pull back the curtain a little bit on what blockchain is and what its utility is,” said Peter Hamilton, who also co-founded the museum.

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