Virginia Man Thinks Up 'Petty' Solution After Neighbors Complain About Dog Being Off-Leash

A Virginia dog owner created a 100-foot leash for his fetch-loving dog after he said neighbors complained about the pooch being off-lead.

Footage by Mike Knutson shows the leash – which he calls his “petty solution” – in action as his dog Koa enjoys an energetic game of fetch at his Fredericksburg apartment complex.

According to Knutson’s video, in addition to the leash, Koa wears an e-collar which Knutson controls with a remote.

Knutson told Storyful that Koa, a Czech and east German working line German shepherd, has also completed a puppy training course, as well as an off-leash course. Credit: Mike Knutson via Storyful

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