Viral TikTok shows what happens when you accidentally drop an iPhone into boiling oil

A TikTok user accidentally dropped his iPhone into a pot of boiling oil (TikTok/@zaiem_ainn)
A TikTok user accidentally dropped his iPhone into a pot of boiling oil (TikTok/@zaiem_ainn)

A Malaysian cook has unintentionally shown that an iPhone can survive being dropped briefly into a pot of boiling oil.

The cook, who goes by the handle @zaiem_ainn on TikTok, posted a video praising Apple for the resilience of its product after he accidentally deep-fried the phone for several seconds.

Zaiem, based in Kampung Paya Keladi on the island of Penang, Malaysia, began his video by explaining how to tell when deep-fried chicken has been fully cooked.

Speaking in Malay, he tells viewers what to do when a piece of fried chicken floats to the top of the pot of oil and moves his phone closer to the pot to demonstrate.

However, the phone then slips from his hand and drops straight into the boiling oil.

The device continues to record as it swirls in the pot, with the sounds of bubbling oil and Zaiem trying to fish it out audible in the video.

After about 12 seconds, he lifts it out of the pot and the video shows a blurry image of his face as he carries it away from the stove.

The TikTok then cuts to another clip of the cook and another person checking the iPhone’s functions and appearing amazed that it still works.

Text placed over the video read: “Thank you, iPhone. Your product is satisfyingly good.”

The video, which has garnered more than 896,000 views, drew comments from viewers who were also impressed by the phone.

Apple advertises its iPhone models from the iPhone 7 to 14 as splash, water and dust resistant – but not fry-resistant.

However, viewers joked that the video proved the phone is “cooking oil proof” and that this feature should be included in Apple’s next advertising campaign.

“Best testimony ever,” one person wrote, while another said: “So that’s what it feels like to get fried.”