Viral rhythm game Trombone Champ has launched on Nintendo Switch

 Trombone Champ playing Old Grey Mare
Trombone Champ playing Old Grey Mare

Trombone Champ, the viral trombone-playing rhythm game that initially gained popularity in 2022, has arrived on Nintendo Switch as of September 14, and alongside its usual noisy chaos, it’s come equipped with an all-new way to play.

Although you’ll still be able to use the joystick of your controller to move the cursor and hit the correct notes, the launch on Nintendo Switch has also come equipped with motion control compatibility and two ways to utilize it while playing.

You’ll be able to point the Joy-Con's sensor at the screen and control your melody by moving the controller up and down to coincide with oncoming notes, or you can utilize gyro controls which track your own movements to play. In this case, this would be your hand moving away and toward the motion sensor of the controller which changes the note you’re playing. Both forms of playing were showcased alongside the announcement trailer, which can be seen below:

As it stands, over 45 songs are available within the game to play through, but whether or not more will be added in the future currently remains a mystery. When the title was released on PC, modders were capable of uploading their own songs and backgrounds to the game, but this isn’t currently supported on Switch.

In addition to gyro controls and motion support, Trombone Champ on Nintendo Switch also supports co-op play, so you and three friends will be able to compete head-to-head online to see who is the best (although we say that incredibly lightly) trombone player.

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