This Viral Portable Door Lock Can Add Extra Security to Your Home

Kelly Allen
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Photo credit: @keonacoa/tiktok
Photo credit: @keonacoa/tiktok

From House Beautiful

TikTok is truly a wonderful place to discover all sorts of thrilling Amazon finds. One gadget that went viral this year is a portable door lock that can help add extra security to any home or room. One creator recently shared how it works in case you plan on buying it (or already have and can’t seem to figure it out).

TikToker @keonacoa shared a video explaining how the portable door lock works. It looks similar to a bottle opener and doesn’t involve much effort at all: All you need to do is place the metal part in the doorway’s grooves. Close the door, and then insert the metal dot connected to the colored plastic piece into the part sticking out of the door. Press it down, and make sure it’s tight. And that’s it! If you try to open the door, it won’t budge. The gadget can stop anyone from getting in–even if they have a key or if the door’s actual lock system is unlocked.

The nifty portable lock is great for incorporating additional security into your home–whether you use it on your entrance or your bedroom door. You can also use it when you stay in a hotel or Airbnb. Other copies of the key you’re using while traveling may be accessible to others during your stay, so you can have added peace of mind with the portable lock. You can never be too cautious!

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