Viral OnlyFans Star ‘The Girth Master’ Answers Our Big Questions

Ruby May Courtesy of The Girth Master
Ruby May Courtesy of The Girth Master

The former president of the United States may be on trial for the first time ever, but one man dominated the internet this week—and it wasn’t Donald Trump.

Instead, Twitter feeds on Tuesday were dominated by a 90-second, man-on-the-street interview with a man who calls himself “The Girth Master.” Sporting a red baseball hat and small green shorts and absolutely towering over the woman holding the microphone, the Girth Master casually explained that he works as an OnlyFans creator and makes $40,000 to $80,000 a month.

The shocking salary—mixed with the ready availability of the Girth Master’s highly explicit Twitter account—made the video an instant hit. Originally uploaded by the job search app Getahead on TikTok, it has now been viewed more than 87 million times on Twitter alone.

On top of the more vulgar questions (which you can Google for yourselves, sickos) the video elicited other, more philosophical queries: What does one do with $80,000 a month? Would the internet have reacted similarly to a female creator making that much? And where, exactly, did the name “Girth Master” come from? (For accuracy, it is actually spelled “girthmasterr.”)

To answer those questions and more, The Daily Beast reached out to the Girth Master himself. His answers are below, and have been edited for length and clarity.

To start with, are you OK with giving your full name?

Not government name, no. Because there are mentally ill people that think they’re dating the porn girls that I work with, and I get—not death threats, but threats, like, “I’m gonna find you, you bastard, blah, blah, blah.” So I like to just keep that private.

That makes sense. I would probably want to keep that private too. You said you started doing this full-time about a year ago. What were you doing before this?

Before this, I did a whole bunch of random jobs, like any entry-level job. I did customer service in an office for a year. I was a handyman, a landscaper, a baggage handler, a pizza boy, worked in grocery stores, did receiving, did food service, clothing, retail—any and every entry-level job. A lot of them are kinda like porn storyline jobs too, like the pizza boy, the landscaper, things like that. [Laughs] But yeah, I just got a whole range of entry-level jobs under my belt.

How did you get started doing porn in the first place?

I’ve always been a bit of an online exhibitionist, since I was 18 on Tumblr, posting nudes online. It’s a bit of a rush, you know what I mean?

I was just doing it for fun and then somebody that I hooked up with told me that they did OnlyFans. I showed them my Twitter page and they couldn’t believe I was giving it away for free. So I made the OnlyFans and started monetizing my content and then it kind of snowballed to where it is now.

People around the country hit me up—people all around the world have hit me up—to shoot content with them. And it snowballed to this point where I just won a Pornhub award for Best Big Dick performer. I don’t know, I’m kind of in an insane spotlight right now and it’s just been me following it wherever it goes.

Did your posting online ever conflict with [your jobs]? Or come up in the workplace?

No, I never showed my face in my posting. I’d make an account post for three months and then delete the account and then the itch would come up again … [But I] never showed my face. It was kinda like a rule I had for myself. I don’t want to get doxed putting dick pics on the internet.

But then when the OnlyFans took off, and you wanted to do it full-time, you figured why not?

Yeah… I hit a point where I’d quit my day job and I was doing OnlyFans full time. It was clear it was gonna be like a long-term thing [and] I’d run out of reasons to not show my face.

There’s a sense of solidarity you get in sex work when you show your face. If you’re not showing your face, you’re not really facing the same public persecution that everybody else faces. So by hiding my face—I’m not trying to say people who don’t show their face are cowardly, but it felt cowardly to me to not show my face.

I decided I’d run out of excuses to hide it, so I started showing my face. Career-wise and earnings-wise, it was the best thing I did by far.

Okay. Let’s talk about the money. You said in that video that you make $40,000 to $80,000 a month. Is all of that income from OnlyFans, or are there other sources? And what accounts for the variation?

That’s only counting OnlyFans income. There’s small streams coming other places—I have a Doc Johnson dildo clone of myself coming out soon, so that’ll be another stream coming in. But the figure I’m talking about—say, $80,000 a month—is all through only OnlyFans.

Being a successful OnlyFans creator is being a successful marketer. It’s a marketing job. It’s, “How many eyeballs can I get myself in front of? How well can I present myself?” And that’s the fluctuation. It might surge if I have a TikTok going viral, if I have a post like this go viral, [and] it’ll drop off if an account gets deleted or… if the releases don’t sell as well as you want them to.

With your OnlyFans subscription count, the number of subscribers you have is like filling a leaking bucket. There’s always people that are gonna be trickling out, like any subscription service. [There are] always people that are gonna be canceling their subscription and going away. So it’s just a matter of how long you can keep people coming in.

You’re kind of like any other influencer in that way.

Yeah. I’m a business focused on customer acquisition and customer retention really.

But even if you’re accounting for all that variation that you get month to month, it sounds like you’re still making way more money than you used to.

Absolutely. I’m making more money than I ever thought I would. [I] grew up not that well off. My mom was a single mom raising me and my two sisters. I went into eighth grade, all four of us living in the one bedroom [in] a small little house. I don’t think mom ever made more than $50,000 a year.

So for me to now be making this much money is like—truly, I can’t fathom. It’s a life-changing amount of money. My goal right now is to retire my mom; get her a house, get her to a point where she only has to work if she wants to work.

I’m not a big spender or anything like that. I invested in work and putting more budget into my shoots and things like that. But I don’t have a car. I’m not a big spender, not a designer clothes type of guy. So at this point, I’m just kind of figuring out what to do with it, because it’s come on so fast.

What’s the most expensive thing that you’ve bought so far?

Uh, I bought a $1,000 pair of Prada loafers for the Pornhub Awards a few weeks ago.

All things said, that’s pretty economical, I think.

[Laughs] Yeah. No crazy expenses in my life.

OK, so let’s talk about that video. How did that happen? It seems like a man-on-the-street interview, but I mean, they didn’t just stumble upon you.

It was totally random.

No way.

A hundred percent. I was in an old T-shirt and little green shorts literally running errands in the city, and I was walking past them. I’d seen them on TikTok—They’re an app called Getahead, and they’re promoting their job search app… And I approached them and said, “Hey, I have a pretty cool job if you wanted to ask me about it.” And they did no screening questions. Just jumped straight into like, “Roll the camera!”

That completely random interview got posted a couple months ago and it got I think 3 million views on their TikTok account, which is mind-blowing to me. And then just randomly a couple days ago, a guy in Berlin posted it to Twitter. I think he had like 1,000 followers. And I was messaging him because he kept making his account private. And I kept messaging him to say like, “Hey man, take it off private. This is going really viral. This is really cool.”

Why do you think people are so obsessed with this video? What do you think it is about this video that gets people so interested?

It definitely has to do with just how exceptional it is. Someone making $80,000 a month is incredible. It’s insane. I fully understand that that is an insane amount of money for someone to be making. So that has to do with it.

I think the fact that it’s OnlyFans income is also a big aspect. OnlyFans has always been such a polarizing topic. People love to learn about it, talk about it, debate about it, join the discourse around OnlyFans.

I think maybe seeing a male sex worker make that much money was one thing, because I’ve seen women go viral talking about their OnlyFans income before, but I don’t think I’ve seen a man do it. So that may have something to do with it.

And just kind of the shock factor. Because on Twitter you can post porn. So when that tweet goes viral and people click through to my profile, you can send your friend the photo of my dick next to a wine bottle.

And the name Girth Master as well. That brings eyeballs.

How did you choose the name?

So as I said before, I used to just make a whole lot of burner accounts to post dick pics on the internet. Girth Master wasn’t meant to last very long. It was a spur of the moment. I think I was thinking of the KitchenAid MixMaster at the time. It sounded funny in my head. I remember thinking to myself, “This sounds like a transformer.”

It was [during] a two-week hotel quarantine during COVID in Australia and I was like, “This will never last.” …And then I just kept it going because why not? It was good fun… Now here I am and it’s a full-time job making me more money than I ever thought I’d see.

Obviously you’ve achieved a level of OnlyFans fame, but now you’re blowing up on Twitter, which is a completely different world. And there’s this concept of “main character of Twitter” that people talk about—like, who’s the main character of any given day? I’ve seen a lot of main characters but I’ve never talked to one. So what is the experience of being a Twitter main character like?

Generally the comments have been overwhelmingly positive …But I don’t know what to make of it. It can be overwhelming to be perceived by so many people at once. Yesterday my heart was racing all day long, as [the view count] was climbing and climbing and the DMs are blowing up, the subscribers are blowing up. That was kind of a shocking day.

I mean, your whole job is sort of being perceived. But I wonder what’s different about being perceived on Twitter versus OnlyFans?

It’s fun. The conversations around Twitter and the humor on Twitter—I love it. I was searching my own name last night just laughing at things people are saying. It’s hilarious.

I think I’ve gone up nearly a hundred thousand followers in a day on Twitter. I already had 450,000 and now it's over 550,000.

And what about on OnlyFans? Have you seen an increase there?

Yeah, I’ve gone up at least a few thousand subscribers …[In the] last two hours I’ve gained 500 subscribers.

Wow. In two hours.

[Laughs] Pretty crazy.

That is wild.

Yeah, It’s insane. You said before, my whole job is being online, being exposed, and this is probably the best day of my job. The most effective day I’ve ever had in this career is happening right now.

Have you gotten anything, any weird messages or comments?

I get weird messages every day. Every single day guys ask me to sleep with their wives or [send] weird, weird requests for custom videos they want. I can’t even say half of them. But yeah, every day I get weird requests. Fielding weird requests is part of the job.

I feel like I get the type of messages that an internet hot girl gets. Like dudes sending me unsolicited nudes, weird requests, weird messages. I can commiserate with the average hot girl on the internet for the weird messages that I do get.

And there’s a lot of commiserating to be done.


You mentioned in the video that you feel like you have it easier than your female counterparts, because generally people’s reaction to you doing sex work is a high five or a handshake. And I noticed this in the comments on your video: People were saying, “Oh, we’re applauding this guy because he’s a man.” Do you think it’s unfair that women are often treated more harshly than men for doing this work?

Yeah, absolutely. I told my family about it and they were all supportive. In contrast to that, I can’t even count how many women I know in the industry I’ve spoken to about this [whose] siblings stopped talking to them, their friends cut them off, their parents cut them off. It’s definitely a double standard for women doing OnlyFans versus men.

But it’s kind of just a reflection of that broader conversation where women who sleep with a lot of men are seen as low value, whereas men who sleep with a lot of women are the “players.” This has been a conversation long before OnlyFans. I think it’s that old, shitty adage of the lock and the key, which I think just comes from insecure men that can't handle the fact that their girlfriends had sex before them.

It’s interesting, the comments on this video of you are congratulating you for how much money you make, versus if a woman said that she was doing that, people would just call her a whore or something.

A hundred percent. It’s funny because in that interview I spoke about how I’m not judged but the women are judged. And if you look at the quote tweets of that, every guy is saying, “If I had a dick like him, I’d be doing it too.” And every girl is saying, “If I was doing this, I’d be getting harassed right now.” What I spoke about in the video is literally repeating itself in the quote tweets. So it’s been pretty interesting watching that.

So what are your plans now? What are you gonna do with all this Twitter fame?

[Laughs] Just bask in it really. This Twitter fame right now is great for my OnlyFans business. And my goal with that is to save enough money to retire my mom and then retire myself eventually. And that's my only goal with it: convert the Twitter fame into dollars… Get more eyeballs on The Girth Master.

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