Viral coronation song: No, the choir did not sing ‘I love vagina, Camilla’

There were many viral moments of the coronation on Saturday; Katy Perry getting lost in Westminster Abbey, a grim reaper sighting and Camilla’s two doppelgangers.

But there was one part of the coronation service that left social media users puzzled after they misheard a chorus sung by the choir as Queen Camilla walked down the aisle of the Abbey.

Viewers joked online that the lyrics sounded like the singers were repeating the word “vagina” alongside the new Queen’s name.

“You tell me they’re not saying ‘I’m a Vagina Camilla’ ... I dare you!” wrote one Twitter user.

“Anyone else think they screamed ‘vagina Camilla’ or is it just me,” another person added.

Comedian Russell Brand posted a clip of the video to Twitter, captioning it: “So, what are they singing then!?”

But they were actually singing the Latin phrase: “Vivat Regina Camilla,” which means “Love Live Queen Camilla”.

“Vivat” means “let her live”, while “Regina” means Queen.

Viewers also spotted a mysterious cloaked figure carrying a “scythe” at Westminster Abbey.

A clip of the moment went viral online, with viewers joking that it had been the grim reaper, a mythological character known as Death personified, who collects souls after they die.

​​“Anyone else just notice the Grim Reaper at Westminster Abbey?” wrote one person on Twitter, while another added: “Who invited the Grim Reaper?”

Find out the story behind the cloaked figure here.

Other viral blink-and-you’ll-miss-it highlights of the coronation included Penny Mordaunt’s triceps, Prince Harry looking as though he had seen a ghost and Ant and Dec’s peculiar facial expressions throughout the service.