Violent neighborhood fight turns deadly in Argentina

A neighborhood fight, allegedly over-pruning a tree, turned violent when groups of people argued, resulting in one dead, and one gunshot wound in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Filmed on Thursday (March 18), one man shot another to the head, wounded a third (who was trying to detain the fight), and blew up his own house by detonating several gas containers. After the firearm attack, the murderer barricaded himself at his home located at the intersection of Catamarca and Ceferino Ramírez streets, where he sold gas containers. According to the Diario Conurbano portal, the man identified by his nickname as "Polilla" entered his home and opened the keys to several of the gas container he had for sale. This caused an explosion and fire in his home, which was completely destroyed. This sequence happened a few seconds after the security forces entered the home, so the shock wave from the explosion injured a policeman, who is out of danger. Finally, the aggressor was arrested.