Violent Encounter Seen on Ski Resort Chairlift in Utah

A violent encounter was witnessed between two people on a chairlift at a ski resort in Park City, Utah, on December 26.

Video recorded by a skier shows the tense scene playing out high above ground on a chairlift farther ahead. One man can be seen standing over a second, while a woman screams and shouts, “Please, stop it!” The first man then shouts, “You’re going to elbow me in my face?” before throwing a punch.

The arguments went on for another minute, with the first man saying, “I was having a nice day,” and blaming the other for ruining it.

TownLift reported on the altercation, saying a 52-year-old man allegedly elbowed a 39-year-old in the face while on the lift. The 39-year-old claimed he repeatedly punched the other man in the face until he stopped acting aggressively.

TownLift, citing law enforcement, said the 52-year-old “denied elbowing the other man in the face.”

A second video shows the party being greeted by the park’s authorities when the lift reached its destination.

“I’m glad we didn’t get stuck with him,” the recorder can be heard saying in the original footage. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful

Video transcript




- You're going to elbow me in my face?



- Please, stop it!


- Please, stop!

- He's still beating him.

- Please stop.

- I told you. I told you I didn't want to embarrass you. I told you I didn't want to embarrass you.


- I'm glad we didn't get stuck with him.

- There's something wrong with you.


- OK, OK.


- I'll just ruin it [MUTED] for him.


You dealt with the wrong mother--


- He almost knocked him off the lift.

- Yeah.

- I was having a nice day. Got my little five year old here. Getting lessons. I was enjoying myself. You want to be a [MUTED] so I'm going to [MUTED].

[MUTED] You put your hands on me first. [INAUDIBLE] me first.


- No, it's a guy that's with him.

- Is that a random?


- Who's he with?

- When we get up there, I'm going to tell them exactly what you did. If you want to throw hands-- [INAUDIBLE] your ass again.