This vintage car sale could set new world record

STORY: A rare vintage car sale could set a new world record

when it hits the auction block at RM Sotheby’s in California

[Michael Caimano, Car specialist / RM Sotheby’s New York]

“So the auction as a whole has the ability to, to set a new world record. We have the, you know, the cars, the possibility to crack $200 million in revenue. These five cars alone will have a value, somewhere close to $50 million. So significant, significant in value in these really special cars.”

The collection belonged to the late industrialist Oscar Davis

RM Sotheby’s says it’s one of the most valuable single-owner car collections ever

“There's a, there's a number of reasons that that make them such cool vehicles. I mean, each one kind of represents the pinnacle of that make and that model of that time period. So these are, for instance, the Maserati is the fastest, most powerful evolution of the Maserati race car. The Talbot, for example, is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful designs of any car ever built. You know, there's only 11 of those, 10 of the Maserati. So super rare, super exclusive. And these are the best of them that are still around.”

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