Vincent Wong enjoys doing action scenes on his own

7 Nov– Whether or not he has a chance to win Best Actor again this year at the TVB Anniversary Awards, Vincent Wong is just happy to be able to give the audience his best effort yet in his new drama, "The Man Who Kills Troubles".

As reported on Singtao Daily, the actor, who spoke to the media to promote the said new drama recently, shared that he was satisfied with his performance in the new drama as he was able to personally handle 70 percent of the action scenes on his own.

"After I started wrestling, I got more confident in my fighting skills and even informed the action instructor to use me no matter if the audience can see my face or not," he said.

This love for action, he said, stemmed from shooting his previous action-oriented drama, "Fist Fight" alongside Philip Ng and Mat Yeung.

When mentioned that he was even injured filming one of the scenes of the drama, Vincent stated that it was his fault for not being focused enough while doing it.

"I got hit on the nose, but the injury wasn't that obvious. I just felt some fluid gushing out my nasal tract and I vomited some blood on the floor. At that time, I was only worried that my nose broke and would affect the next scene," he said.

Asked if he is confident in his chance at the upcoming awards, Vincent stated that he is just happy that there are many good dramas this year.

"Being noticed by viewers is already an achievement for me," he added.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)